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Defining Your Target Audience

Target Audience concept

Defining Your Target Audience In our last article we spoke of the importance of marketing during an economic downturn and shared that by focusing on your target audience and defining your message that a business can actually thrive. Defining your target audience is not just some simple three or six-step process; it is a sharpshooter […]

Guarantee Page 1 With Google?

SEO Google Page 1

Here is a subject near and dear to me, because as we attempt to educate our customers to the correct methods of SEO, we have a great deal of bad agencies making negative claims.   I receive calls every week from clients that advise me they were contacted by Google, a Google agent or someone […]

Effective Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses – Part 3

Are Your Advertising Dollars Working for You? – Managing Your Internet Marketing for the Greatest ROI How do you know if your marketing strategy is working for you? You must measure results. By managing your marketing results you are able to modify your advertising strategy as your business changes. As your company grows, it is […]

Effective Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses – Part 1

An effective marketing strategy and successful promotion of your business via the internet will expand your customer base while driving visitors to your website, ultimately building brand recognition.  Visits to your website help search engines identify traffic to keywords, which support building your brand.  When developing your company’s marketing plan consider utilizing paid search and […]

Strategies for Managing Negative Consumer Reviews

In an earlier blog we highlighted the importance of customer reviews and how you get them.  Now, you are receiving customer feedback and you may be coping with your first negative evaluation.  What do you do?  Do not panic, the strategies below will help turn your negative review into a positive by engaging your customer […]

Six Strategies for Successfully Managing Positive Customer Reviews

Friendly business owner with customer

A five-star rating just hit your review page.  Do not ignore it!  It is equally valuable to your business to respond to the positive comments as it is a negative review.  If a customer takes time to provide feedback you should always acknowledge the positive customer review and express thanks.  This affords the business owner […]

A Small Business Website Is The Fundamental Core Of An Online Presence Part 3

Small Business Website Misconception In this series of articles we are talking about common mistakes that small businesses make as they begin their entrepreneurship in regards to their internet presence. In the first article are talk about waiting to start your internet presence and in our last article we talk about DYI website platforms, along […]

A Small Business Website Is The Fundamental Core Of An Online Presence Part 2

Small Business Website Options In a previous article I write about a common small business mistake and the consequences of waiting to have their website developed. Many of us know of a small business that is doing just great without a website. Although that is true, you then have to wonder if they took the […]

A Small Business Website Is The Fundamental Core Of An Online Presence

Small Business Website

A website is the fundamental core of an online presence and digital marketing strategy.  Over the years of working with small and startup businesses we’ve come across a series is common mistakes that owners make as they begin their entrepreneurship in regards to their internet presence.  To live in the Land of Tiny Giants, a […]

Social Media Impact on your Business

Social Media’s Impact on your Business Startup and small business owners struggle with startup cost, cash flow, and limited resources.   With so much to accomplish, many times they neglect free services that can help broaden and bring confidence to their brand and services. Traditional marketing and branding techniques can strain funds and cash flow.  Social […]