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Small Business

Website Development Process

Websites for Small Businesses

Website development nowadays comes in many platforms, static and CMS, but we choose to use WordPress for our startup and small businesses because of its maturity, wide range of possible usages and broad hosting capabilities. WordPress allows us to create and design a tailored website for each customer while optimizing the performance for search engines. From e-commerce to a membership website, the WordPress platform gives us the flexibility to develop a website for a small business at a fraction of the cost as opposed to developing a website from scratch.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

As we already know, mobile devices are changing how we work, play, shop and look for products and services.  So it’s not surprising to see that more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers (Source: Google).  Another interesting fact is that in the May 2015 survey from BrightLocal, 61% of consumers said that they are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile optimized site (Source: BrightLocal).

The purpose of your website is to provide an excellent user experience for all visitors, both mobile and desktop.  If you are redirecting mobile visitors to a separate website, most likely the two websites are independent of each other and the visitors are experiencing different designs and options.  Google recommends a responsive design, which is why all our websites are Responsive Website Designed and optimized for mobile use.  A new emerging market is internet searching through Smart TVs.  A recent study this year shows 21% of adults used them to connect to the internet and only a responsive website can offer visitors a consistent browsing experience.

Single Responsive Website Design over Separate Mobile Website

Small Business Website Plans

We understand cost is important to a small business’ cash flow, which is why we are priced accordingly. Explore our reviews and check out estimated pricing as compared to others.

We recognize that smaller businesses are seeking cost effective website solutions with one-on-one engagement with their website developer.