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Small Business Marketing in a Downed Economy

Small Business Marketing in a Downed Economy
Small Business Marketing in a Downed Economy

There’s no doubt about it – we are living through an era of dramatic changes. The global economy is in a downturn and there’s no indication of when we’ll see a full recovery. If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably wondering how you can best equip yourself to succeed in this downed economy.
Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together this short guide to show you how your business can not only survive, but thrive in today’s economy. Keep reading for our best tips and tricks on steering your business through this turbulent time.

Small Business Marketing Done Right

When the economy turns downward, many businesses are tempted to slash their marketing budgets. But in reality, small business marketing is essential. We live in a globalized and highly competitive world. You simply can’t keep up without marketing – but it needs to be the right kind of marketing.

Go Local

Local marketing is important for any business that’s tied to a physical location – like restaurants, lawyers, accountants, and boutique retailers. If that sounds like you, then make sure you’re investing in local marketing.
That means tailoring your social media campaigns to reach local audiences. It also means using email marketing, creating a strong Google My Business presence, and optimizing your website for a local market.

Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Marketing boils down to problem-solving: people buy your products and services because they help them to solve a problem.
What kinds of problems can your products solve? Answering that question will help you identify your target audience. Once you know who your audience is, it becomes much easier to create effective small business online marketing. And targeted marketing is far cheaper and more efficient than broad-based advertising.

Social Media Marketing for Your Small Businesses

Social media marketing is a terrific way to build brand awareness for your business.
What’s the story behind your business? What drove you to create the business? What’s your vision? How do you hope to serve your customers and your community? These are all things you need to communicate to your target audience!

Build your brand by creating lots of content and sharing it with your target audience. You can do that by sharing video, audio, and written content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Share your content widely and encourage your followers to repost, like, and respond – lots of engagement will build up your brand even further.

Analytics Are Your Friend

If you’re on a lean marketing budget, you need to constantly assess what’s working and what’s not working for you. This is where analytics can be a true game-changer. Google Analytics can tell you exactly what’s driving the most traffic to your website, how long visitors stay there, and which pages they spend most time on. It can also give you valuable demographic information on your visitors.

Managed website services, such as the services we provide, can also relieve a lot of pressure on your marketing strategies. By outsourcing your website management services, you free up your time to focus on building your brand and creating an ever-better product for your customers.

Final thoughts

Marketing for a small business isn’t easy, but it can make all the difference for your business, especially in a downed economy. Marketing is more essential than ever at this time as people turn to the internet more for solutions. Make your advertising strategy smart, targeted, and consistent, and you should be in great shape going forward.

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