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Effective Ways to Increase Website Conversions in a World of Decreasing Attention Spans

Effective Ways to Increase Website Conversions in a World of Decreasing Attention Spans

Reach your goals by focusing on your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy.

Website conversion rate = desired actions/visits

Do you have website traffic, yet you are not gaining new customers? We have seen this situation so many times with clients. They come to us with a site that has a heavy traffic flow, but it is lacking conversion. The big question is why is this happening? The simple answer is that it is time to think about your conversion rate optimization plan.

We live in a world where goldfish have longer attention spans than humans do. That, my friend, is a direct indicator that business owners need to understand the importance of their company’s conversion rate optimization process so that they may make a connection with visitors the instant they hit their site. If you want a chance at making a conversion, you have to be open to change.

Eight seconds may seem like a long time to stay on a bull, but to capture an audience’s attention in this fast-paced world you have to pack an instant punch or you will lose the opportunity to convert. Within seconds of a visitor landing on your page you need to be able to tell them what your site is about and capture their attention to engage them to move on down the page.

Let’s take a look at some effective ways we can help you get your visitors to move through your website in order to complete your desired action, thereby converting traffic to customers.


You should start by addressing this question: What is the goal of your website? In other words, what do you want the visitor to do? Do you want them to make a purchase, join your mailing list, complete your contact form, etc.? You have to begin with a goal in order to measure results and make improvements to your site later.


If your website needs to be pinched and pulled on a mobile device or tablet then it is highly likely that your visitors will be gone in an instant, and you will have missed out on opportunities to reach your goal. Customers expect you to have a responsive site that not only functions on their computers but also on their phone and tablet for ease.


Remember, you only have seconds to capture the attention of a visitor on your site. Be sure to create a solid headline that says who you are and what you do.

Value Proposition – Have a clear, concise, and unique value proposition. A value proposition, simply put, answers the question, “Why should I buy from you over the competition?” Your value proposition should show what uniquely sets you apart from the rest, and you need to excel in at least one area of value over your competition, even if all others are equal.

Content Layout – Setting up the sales funnel on your website is imperative to conversion. If you come out the gate asking for the sale, chances are you will lose a customer before they even have an opportunity to read about what problem you can solve for them. Show your value before asking for the sale.

Compelling Content – Speak directly to the people visiting your site, and be clear and concise when explaining your goods or service. Understand your objections and get out in front of them in your content. Your content should discuss how your product/service solves problems. Share your expertise, awards and videos, and include customer success stories to build credibility.

Call to Action (CTA) – Give your visitors simple instructions on what to do next as they flow into the CTA. Make your CTA stand out from the rest of your content. It should be obvious, easy to find and easy to understand. If your ask them to complete a form, make sure to keep it simple.


What’s A/B testing? AKA split testing, it is an experiment used to help increase your website’s conversion rate. For example, if you have two headlines for your landing page, and you cannot decide which to use, you can run split testing to see which has the best result. You create two versions (A & B) and then review the results to see how many visitors took action.

At Tiny Giant Web Solutions, one of the many advantages of being on our SEO program is that we do A/B testing for our clients. Testing is a great indicator of what is working and what is not, and it gives you the opportunity to make improvements. In conversion rate optimization it is all about testing, and we have experienced the success rates with our clients by measuring results.

You can rely on the experts at Tiny Giant to implement these tips and assist you with a winning conversion rate optimization strategy that helps you convert visitors to customers. Be sure to check back soon for Part 2 of our Increasing Website Conversion Series.

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