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Converting Leads To Customers

Converting Leads To Customers


I have asked my good friend and consultant Chris Hendrix, with The Trinfinity Group, to write a brief article about converting leads to customers.  After reading the article, if you find that your business is in need of Synergy Building or Employee and Leadership Development, visit his website and give him a call.

Small business owners are great at networking and getting leads from others. Unfortunately, there is often a gap between getting the leads and converting them into customers. It is a frustration that many businesses face, but there are some simple tips you can do to build your customer base from the leads that you gather. Here are just a couple of the things we teach small business owners when it comes to converting leads.

  1. The key to conversion is visibility. The old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind” is true when it comes to your business.  While the person who gave you their information may have shown interest or was even excited about what you offer, once they walk away, you become a memory. You must follow up with leads more than once and very quickly after they express interest. When getting a business card or contact information from someone, ask him or her, “What’s the best way to contact you?” Then write that down on their card. Communicating with someone, immediately after he or she has expressed interest in your product, in his or her preferred manner yields results.
  2. Understand why your customers buy. It is one thing to know what your product does and what problems it solves. It is another thing to hear why someone purchased your product or service. When you speak to leads about why others purchased, you are not telling them what your product does, you are giving them the reason they should buy. People are more motivated to buy when you give them the “Why” instead of the “What”. Read your Google reviews or follow up with customers to ask why they chose you. What they say might surprise you.

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