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Tracking Website Traffic-Converting Visitors to Customers–Part 2

Rarely do customers buy at first visit to your website.  So, the questions is, how do you convert a visitor to a customer?  In Part 1 of our blog series we touched on how data and analysis gives your company direction and aids in advertising planning and budgeting.  If you are not tracking website [...]

Tracking Website Traffic-Why It’s Important To Your Business – Part 1

Tracking website traffic and data is vital for business growth and customer connection in today’s digital world.   Without information and analysis it is nearly impossible to plan an effective online marketing strategy. Website analytics take center stage in helping you grow your small business and improve your advertising planning. So what are web analytics? [...]

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Understanding Why Quality Website Content Matters – Part 2

In the first part of our blog series we explained why quality website content matters to your small business, and now we are going to offer guidance on creating content that produces customers.  Before you begin the process of developing your website content think about what makes your website unique and engages visitors.  Consider [...]

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Understanding Why Quality Website Content Matters – Part 1

So, do you think you have all your bases covered?  You have a strategic digital marketing plan in place, have incorporated paid advertising in your plan and your web designer is focused on SEO, but with all those moving parts you are still not generating leads.  You ask yourself, “What’s going on?”  Chances are [...]

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Guarantee Page 1 With Google?

Here is a subject near and dear to me, because as we attempt to educate our customers to the correct methods of SEO, we have a great deal of bad agencies making negative claims.   I receive calls every week from clients that advise me they were contacted by Google, a Google agent or [...]

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Social Media Impact on your Business

Social Media’s Impact on your Business Startup and small business owners struggle with startup cost, cash flow, and limited resources.   With so much to accomplish, many times they neglect free services that can help broaden and bring confidence to their brand and services. Traditional marketing and branding techniques can strain funds and cash flow.  [...]

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SEO and Optimization Services

SEO and Optimization Services - Do I need SEO services? Just a few years ago, agencies would plug an array of keywords describing the businesses website in both meta tags, hidden text, anchor tags, back links, body content and repeated headings; those tactics just do not work anymore. In fact, these old tactics, now identified as “black [...]

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