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Website Conversion Rate Optimization

Better Website Performance

A good conversion rate optimization process identifies bottlenecks within your website and helps you better understand the behavior of your customer. Subsequently, when you increase your conversion rate with your current traffic, you also increase your Quality Ranking, which is a crucial factor in Google’s SEO algorithm.

The Average Conversion Rate

Each industry is slightly different, but on a national average, website conversion rates run 2.35%. So for every 200 visitors to your website, 5 individuals should follow through with a specific action. If your website is considered to be the top 10%, then your conversion rate will average 11.45%.

Striving to be Better Than Average

Clients that have gone through our CRO process have seen 12 times higher than average leads come from their website all the while increasing their Quality Ranking.

We recognize that businesses need a marketing firm that is agile to help grow their business at freelancer pricing.