Personal Interview

Getting the details of your business needs

For our local businesses in and around The Woodlands and Spring area, we will conduct a personal face-to-face meeting to discuss your business and the needs of your website. If a face-to-face meeting is not possible, then we will conduct a phone meeting to collect the information needed to build a tailored website to suit your needs.

We like to start by identifying your targeted market, because knowing who your customers are will help us build an optimized website experience. A great start with identifying your targeted market is your executive summary, about us synopsis and mission statements. These articles uniquely identify your business and are important, because today’s customer is looking to build a relationship with their service provider. Let’s be honest, consumers do not want to look for a new supplier each time they are in need of your services.

Planning and Gathering Material

We like to utilize pictures of your work

When our customers have great pictures of their work, we collect those and further assets needed for the website planning and layout phase.

We will develop a basic wireframe online to share with our customer. We create the content based on our interview and popular keyword phrases used in the business. Once we have the website layout, flow, color scheme and content confirmed we will begin adding the final pictures and content. Once the website design is near completion, we meet with the customer and review requested changes.

Go Live

Most projects are designed online

Through collaboration with customers we develop a website that fits their needs and meets industry standards. We include our customer’s input during each part of the development process.

When the website satisfies our customer’s requirements we plan the migration process. If we are replacing an existing website we will do a full backup of the existing website prior to the migration. If we create a new website we help our customer’s setup a hosting plan, then plan the migration of the new website.

Small Business Website Plans

We understand cost is important to a small business’ cash flow which is why we are priced accordingly.  Check out estimated pricing as compared to others and check out our reviews.

Pricing Estimate

We recognize that smaller businesses are seeking one-on-one engagement with their website developer and cost effective website solutions.