Tiny Giant Web Solutions is a spinoff of xString Commands Inc, a custom software and Business Intelligence solutions provider that has been providing both custom and standard website solutions since 2010. Our purpose in creating Tiny Giant Web Solutions was to bring more modest pricing to businesses for digital marketing and website development without the lengthy contracts.

We are creating cost-effective and professional marketing solutions and websites for business growth and brand recognition.

Why tiny Giant Web Solutions

Our mission is to develop cost-effective websites and digital marketing for businesses without contracts and spending limits.

We enjoy taking a personal approach to doing business because it means taking time to engage with each client in order to better understand their unique needs and creatively developing an effective marketing solution for their business. This personal approach to website development allows us to form lasting relationships and a partnership with our customers and further help their internet presence.

  • Every small business requires a strong online presence

  • Price competitive solutions with professional work
  • Customer owns finished product upon final payment

  • We are software developers and BI designers educated in strong marketing solutions

  • Through our interactive work, we develop relationships with our customers.

  • Assist our customers in gaining a competitive online presence through correct internet solutions.

We recognize that businesses need a marketing firm that is agile to help grow their business at freelancer pricing.