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Full Service Managed Website Maintenance

Value-added website maintenance for micro and small businesses

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Our Small Business Website Maintenance Includes Traffic Analytics


Maintenance plays a key role in many aspects of our lives. We schedule annual wellness checks, vehicle maintenance and seasonal HVAC maintenance, and we do this to keep things operating at peak performance and to stay on top of any issues that may arise. Therefore, it only makes sense that you would schedule regular website maintenance of your company’s website too!

Having regular website maintenance is essential to keeping your site generating leads and sales for your business. Website maintenance plans is one area that should not be overlooked when planning your web development and advertising solutions. It is imperative to your company that you update links, the look of your website and content in order to keep up with the latest trends. When you update your site on a regular basis you add value to your business, build brand recognition and stay competitive in your market.

Our website managed services are designed to solve a variety of website maintenance needs and provide dependable support for site related issues. We possess the tools, knowledge and experience to keep your website performing optimally without technical issues. Failure to maintain your site may cause expensive IT problems and lost revenue for your company.

CMS & HTML Maintenance with Added Value

Our Full Service Website Maintenance plan offers more than just a speedy website. When we know your lead generation percentage we can then make well-informed improvements that add value to your website and business.

Improve Website Ranking and Lead Generation

Google, Bing and all other search engines have made vast improvements in how we manage SEO (Search Engine Optimization) through PQ (Page Quality) ratings. One of Google’s basic principles is to “Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines” and by monitoring all data points of a website’s performance we can make quality choices in website changes to increase both ranking and customer conversions.

You Do What You Do Best - Let Us Do What We Do Best

Your company’s website needs more than just regular plug-in and theme updates, because your site should never be dormant. You want to keep your site working for you at all times. All of our maintenance plans include free minor website changes, such as adding new images and updating staff changes. When you partner with Tiny Giant you have the freedom to run your business while we manage your online presence, build your brand and generate leads that become customers.

What Is Included In Our Website Maintenance Package


Your entire WordPress website is securely backed up in the event something goes wrong. We store the backup off-site on a secure remote server so you can quickly and easily access at any time in case of emergency. Website backups run silently off hours so that we do not negatively impact website performance or bandwidth.


WordPress, the plug-ins and theme that drives your website, constantly needs to be updated, because software enhancements and patches are always being written. It is important to know what updates to accept in order to ensure compatibility with your website. Blindly accepting updates can cause your website to go down and have negative consequences on your day-to-day business operations.


We link your website analytics with both Google and Bing search tools to ensure reliable SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) position. Utilizing the tools in conjunction with website analytics to gather results are the cornerstone to measuring website performance and ensuring the search engines measure results for PQ ratings.


By installing the latest in Malware we ensure your website stays secure and your visitors experience safe browsing on your website. One of the worst things a business can experience with their website is to have Google ban their site due to security issues. Our hosting monitors DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and stops it before it takes your site down.


As a part of our maintenance plan we continuously check the status of your website. If your site goes down we will monitor the situation, and if there is cause for concern we begin investigating. This also includes monitoring your site for 404s so we can quickly address any “Page Not Found” errors and make updates to your site before your SEO and user experience are affected.


With our hosting website maintenance, we provide a free SSL. Google has made a big push toward rewarding websites that implement SSL. This is one of our value-added services; it builds trust with your visitors and also lets Google know you are doing everything possible to implement security on your website.


A successful company monitors its website progress in order to make informed marketing decisions. Tiny Giant offers our clients more than a monthly report. We develop a live dashboard tailored to your business. Whether you are operating an E-commerce website or a lead generation site, our dashboard delivers important data about the health and performance of your website so you can make well-informed decisions about your business.


From creating and updating new content to website functionality, our experienced team will help you implement the best solutions for your business. If the changes take less than two hours then there is no additional cost associated. For changes that take more than two hours there is a fee associated with the changes. However, pricing is discounted, with a preferred pricing structure, for our monthly clients. We feel it is important to reward clients for their loyalty and commitment to our monthly services, and as a monthly client you deserve the best pricing.


If you have ideas about your website or would like to expand your services Tiny Giant can help. Our expert team understands the digital world, and we have the tools and resources to get your business recognized in the SERP. Not all trades are the same and a cutter-cutter approach simply places you on par with your competition. Researching your competition and executing something new gives you a competitive edge and gets you noticed online.

Website Managed Services

WordPress, Joomla, Other CMS, Web Flow, HTML, ASPX, and more

At the core of our team are web developers that have a full understanding of WordPress and other system. With over 30 years of providing software solutions for our clients, we have the experience and expertise to make improvements to your website. Our coders can implement custom solutions for special activities, and we can also execute custom marketing solutions to drive better results. When you partner with Tiny Giant we treat your site like our own and strive to maintain it with a balance of best practices along with what is right for your business or organization.

Plus, NO Long-Term Contracts

At Tiny Giant Web Solutions we do not have long-term contracts, which allow our small business partners the freedom to move around our services as their needs change. Sign up for monthly maintenance with us, and we will help you grow your company.

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We understand cost is important to a small business’ cash flow which is why our pricing reflects our objective to help small businesses grow. Our $149.00 per month maintenance plan is packed with a great deal of value and benefits for the price!

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