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Digital Marketing & Mobile Friendly Websites Designed for Business Growth

Content Marketing Through Blogging

Tiny Giant Web Solutions provides digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and modern websites designed to grow your business through highly personalized strategies. Our strategy to market research and identifying your target audience provides higher than average conversion rates which means great ROI for your business.

Your business provides unique value to your clients and your digital marketing should deliver that story.

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is the marathon of marketing, designed to increase your website ranking while building a solid and recognizable brand for your business. Newer standards from search engines are looking for quality and relevant content instead of meta-tags and keyword manipulation. Our approach is to research competition and build each website page for higher conversions with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy.

Search Paid Ads That Work

When firms promise front page listings, most of the time, in concentrated markets, this is how they do it. However, just like SEO, Google is looking for Quality over Price. Think about it! If Google gives you the top spot, which gets the highest clicks, and you cannot show conversions, then why would they continue to give you the top spot? They will not! Proper keyword selection, both short and long-tail, good Ad copy, and a landing page that converts provide solid leads and increased ranking. Combining Paid Ads and a solid SEO plan can increase your organic SEO.

Mobile Friendly Website Designs

Mobile devices are changing how we work, play, shop and look for products and services. Having a responsive mobile friendly website is critical with indexing with Google and all major search engines since the mobile-first initiative. All of Tiny Giant Website Solutions are responsive websites that are mobile friendly.

Reliable Hosting for Best SEO Results

We partner with SiteGround for the best WordPress hosting. Every hosting plan includes SSD drives, latest in NGINX web server technology, SuperCacher, Free CDN, HTTP/2 free SSL, and the latest in PHP7 technologies. A solid hosting plan is critical for optimal SEO results.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the analytical process of increasing the lead generation or conversion rates on a website. The CRO process involves understanding how users move through your site, the friction points, what actions consumers are taking, and making changes to increase the conversion rate. Many times we implement A/B Testing in order to test different versions of call-to-actions and content.

Value Added Website Maintenance

The health of your website is dependent on regular software updates, content updates, and measuring the behavior of it’s traffic. If the bounce rate is too high or the engagement rate is too low most likely you are missing opportunities to convert your visitors. When Google, Bing, and the other search engines are not allowed to monitor the health of your website then most likely you could be suffering with low quality.

"Unique website content and design is what separates you from the rest. A tiny giant is a business that competes to win against their larger competition, an underdog as to say. Tiny giants do not use cookie cutters, and neither do we."

Featured Website

The Laundry Fairy makes laundry simple: “We do YOUR laundry YOUR way on YOUR schedule with OUR hands!”

The Laundry Fairy service is committed to making your life easier by providing an extraordinary, customized pick up, wash and fold laundry experience.

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