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SEO and Optimization Services

SEO and Optimization Services

SEO and Optimization Services – Do I need SEO services?
Just a few years ago, agencies would plug an array of keywords describing the businesses website in both meta tags, hidden text, anchor tags, back links, body content and repeated headings; those tactics just do not work anymore. In fact, these old tactics, now identified as “black hat techniques”, will now get you penalized and your website will not see the light of day.

The entire process starts with a quality website, rich with content relevant to the businesses processes and services. When you think about page content, it needs valuable information that builds trust, credibility, and engaging the visitor. It’s not about the volume of content but rather the quality.  The old “black hat techniques” were filling pages with tons of content relevant to the businesses services but lacked quality.

Throughout the process of building a website, we are always testing. We utilize tools that aid the process of grading the page text relevancy, image to text ratio, and more importantly, HTML to text ratio, download speeds, and mobile responsiveness. Optimizing a website, in my opinion, is the golden key to SEO. Without it, your website will never reach its potential. Some agencies do not differentiate Website Optimization from SEO although they are quite different.

Website optimization is a process of testing pages to improve its conversion rates through visitor engagement, speed testing, analytics or content grading, and page layout functional testing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”)

Once we have a well optimized website, we deploy and begin SEO work. We will submit the site for indexing, setup a couple of Ad Campaigns to kick start the traffic monitor traffic and page interaction, conduct A/B changes, and do it all over again monitoring traffic.  Look at it like this; let’s say you have a store front that sales clothing. The storefront itself it quite attractive and a wide range of patrons come into the store of all ages. However, your clerk is noticing that your younger patrons do not buy anything; they come in and check out the clothes racks but quickly leave. Your clerk notifies you of this growing trend and after investigating you notice that the younger crowd is looking for a different style of clothes that you do not carry or have a limited supply. Based on your clerks input, the ratio of young people to older people is 2 to 1. If you do not make changes then you limit your revenue stream and ultimately stunt your potential growth because trying to get those shoppers back will be difficult. A good webmaster will monitor your traffic and begin making necessary changes to keep those visitors engaged.

So why should you pay for SEO? Because it pays for itself! Statistics show that over 60% of all traffic to a website is through Organic results while roughly 20% from Paid Ads and another 20% from referrals such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others. Eliminating a good SEO program from your business website is saying “I’m satisfied with 20% of my potential revenue.”  Let Tiny Giant show you how SEO pays for itself.

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