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Tracking Website Traffic-Why It’s Important To Your Business – Part 1

Tracking Website Traffic-Why It’s Important To Your Business – Part 1

Tracking website traffic and data is vital for business growth and customer connection in today’s digital world.   Without information and analysis it is nearly impossible to plan an effective online marketing strategy. Website analytics take center stage in helping you grow your small business and improve your advertising planning. So what are web analytics?  Simply put, it is the measurement, evaluation and reporting of the activities and preferences of users and overall website performance.

If you are new to website analytics the task of tracking, understanding and evaluating information can be intimidating.  The professionals at Tiny Giant Web Solutions are here to help you navigate the process. We share three key points that will help you understand the importance of website analytics.

Collect & Measure Data

When measuring data, consider two categories of web analytics:

Off-site analytics (not on your website) measures your potential website audience.  You get a bigger picture and analysis of a website’s possible audience.

On-site analytics (on your website) measures the actual visitor traffic on your website, i.e. the length of time a visitor stayed on the site or whether the visitor made a purchase while perusing the site?

Interpret the Data while Focusing on Goals

At Tiny Giant we will establish goals and lead funnels, which are tasks we want the visitor to complete such as signing up for a newsletter or submitting a contact form.  These goals are then measured against overall website traffic.

By focusing on the goals you have established for your business and reviewing website tracking data, ask yourself these types of questions:

  • How many website visitors have I had in a given period?
  • How long did the visitor spend on a particular page?
  • Am I achieving my goals?
  • Should I consider an enhanced mobile or tablet site due to traffic flow?

Answering these types of questions help us develop a marketing plan that suits your company’s needs.  In accordance with solid research, we can create a plan to give an existing website a facelift.

Develop a Plan

With the tracking information we understand how users are engaging with your website’s content, which help plan solid call to action content.  This data should influence marketing decisions, because you have a clear picture of how your users are reaching your website.

A fancy website, frequent visits and a spike in revenue may give you the impression that you are doing enough for your business, but do not miss out on the key element of website analytics.  Data and analysis gives your company direction, aids in advertising planning and budgeting and routes your advertising campaigns in accordance to your audience. Various departments in business, including business owners, advertising and marketing department, e-commerce and new business development can benefit from the granular detail of website tracking.  Ultimately, web analytics help you understand your traffic, determine ROI, tailor your website’s content and help gather information that will aide in increasing revenue.

In summary, as a business owner or marketing manager, you want to track your website activity by collecting facts and data to help aid in planning.  Once you have measured and interpreted the information you can focus on your company’s goals and make improvements to your overall web presence. Finally, utilizing the data we have gathered we begin to develop the most effective digital marketing plan and advertising strategy for your business.  Let Tiny Giant track your website activity and plan a successful online advertising campaign today!

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