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Leslie Vercher is a content marketer, copy editor, writer, lifestyle and marketing blogger. Her articles have appeared online and in a multicultural magazine. She has over 20 years of experience in business, sales and the legal field. She built a successful business and sold it to pursue her love of writing. She graduated with honors and has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English and History from The University of Southwestern Louisiana.

Effective Ways to Increase Website Conversions in a World of Decreasing Attention Spans

Reach your goals by focusing on your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy. Website conversion rate = desired actions/visits Do you have website traffic, yet you are not gaining new customers? We have seen this situation so many times with clients. They come to us with a site that has a heavy traffic flow, but [...]

The Skinny on Microsites, Leadpages & ClickFunnels

Many small businesses are enticed by using lead generating services to grow their customer base or increase market share.  Often, business owners fall into the trap of creating microsites and using Leadpages and ClickFunnels tools without understanding that there is a right and wrong way to implement these tools and services into their digital [...]

Tracking Website Traffic-Converting Visitors to Customers–Part 2

Rarely do customers buy at first visit to your website.  So, the questions is, how do you convert a visitor to a customer?  In Part 1 of our blog series we touched on how data and analysis gives your company direction and aids in advertising planning and budgeting.  If you are not tracking website [...]

Tracking Website Traffic-Why It’s Important To Your Business – Part 1

Tracking website traffic and data is vital for business growth and customer connection in today’s digital world.   Without information and analysis it is nearly impossible to plan an effective online marketing strategy. Website analytics take center stage in helping you grow your small business and improve your advertising planning. So what are web analytics? [...]

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Understanding Why Quality Website Content Matters – Part 2

In the first part of our blog series we explained why quality website content matters to your small business, and now we are going to offer guidance on creating content that produces customers.  Before you begin the process of developing your website content think about what makes your website unique and engages visitors.  Consider [...]

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Understanding Why Quality Website Content Matters – Part 1

So, do you think you have all your bases covered?  You have a strategic digital marketing plan in place, have incorporated paid advertising in your plan and your web designer is focused on SEO, but with all those moving parts you are still not generating leads.  You ask yourself, “What’s going on?”  Chances are [...]

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7 Key Ingredients for a Successful Start-Up

Obstacles for start-up companies in today’s digital world can be overwhelming.  New businesses struggle taking their business idea from conception to fruition.  Let us help you whip up a start-up success story with 7 key ingredients. BUSINESS PLAN Begin creating a concise business plan or, at minimum, an executive summary to give direction and [...]

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Blogging and Your Content Marketing Strategy

Previously, we shared tips on developing a content marketing strategy for your small business.  In this article, highlight blogging as a part of your content marketing plan.  Blogging is a great idea for promoting your small business.  According to Content Marketing Institute’s research, 80% of business to business marketers and 75% of business to [...]

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Content Marketing for Small Businesses

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a strategic advertising approach of creating, developing and distributing helpful, relatable and consistent content to capture, acquire and retain a clearly defined audience with the goal of driving profitable consumer action.  Companies send information all the time that is not valuable or relevant, for instance, electronic spam [...]

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Effective Steps in Growing Your Small Business

A big challenge small companies face is growing their small business.  Finding new customers or promising leads may be difficult for micro businesses.  You are offering an excellent service or great product, but you are stifled with executing an effective plan to take your business up a notch.  How can you set yourself apart [...]

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