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Leslie Vercher is a content marketer, copy editor, writer, lifestyle and marketing blogger. Her articles have appeared online and in a multicultural magazine. She has over 20 years of experience in business, sales and the legal field. She built a successful business and sold it to pursue her love of writing. She graduated with honors and has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English and History from The University of Southwestern Louisiana.

Effective Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses – Part 2

Push and Pull Internet Marketing - Helping Your Advertising Budget Work SmarterIn a previous article, we revealed that using push and pull marketing together can be an effective advertising strategy for your business.  Utilizing the strengths of both approaches is a valuable way to get the most bang for your advertising buck.  A marketing budget [...]

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How Your Business can Connect and Thrive with Millennial Customers – Generation X vs. Generation Y

Individuals born in the mid 1960's to 1980, known as Generation X, often referred to as Gen X, Xers, Post Boomers and other aptly given monikers, is the generation that paved the way for Millennials.  Born in the early 1980's to 2000, this generational group is also called Generation Y, Gen Y and Echo [...]

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Why Customer Reviews are Important and How do you Get Them?

In order for small businesses to be successful today owners have to think outside of the box and assess what is important to the thriving accomplishment of their business. Obtaining customer reviews is an area where it may be necessary to forego the normal way you operate. Evaluating and considering how these reviews are [...]

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