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Blogging and Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Through Blogging
Blogging and Your Content Marketing Strategy

Previously, we shared tips on developing a content marketing strategy for your small business.  In this article, highlight blogging as a part of your content marketing plan.  Blogging is a great idea for promoting your small business.  According to Content Marketing Institute’s research, 80% of business to business marketers and 75% of business to consumer marketers include blogging among their current advertising techniques.  

As a micro business owner you are the professional in your industry, and you have something to offer that a lay person, lacking your background and knowledge, may need.  Before gathering your thoughts for your initial blog, remember the primary goal of your content marketing strategy is to consistently offer ongoing valuable information to new consumers and keep existing clients loyal to your company.  Ultimately, you want to assist customers in a way that sets you apart from your competition.

Blogging is a vital part of your content marketing plan.  You are a leader in your industry and you have valuable knowledge to contribute.  Pen a monthly blog where you share information with those looking to be educated.  You will drive new customers to you while connecting with existing clients on a personal level.  Writing a blog shows that you care about your customers, their lives and interest.  It gives the small business owner and opportunity to tell their story.  Blogging does not have to be complicated.  It can be as simple as sharing anything from trade news to recipes and more.  Review the tips below to make the most of your blogging efforts.


Make sure you know your audience before you begin writing your blog.  You want to provide valuable information to your targeted market.


Incorporate keywords or phrases in your blog that will get you noticed when consumers are searching online.


Establish your blog so that readers receive your blog via email without having to search for the post.  You can share your blog across social media platforms and add a social sharing button to extend the reach of your blog post.


For an effective blog you will need individual and financial resources in order to create quality content.  Consider the resources you have available and determine if it is necessary to hire a professional to assist with writing and editing your blog or hiring someone to assist with the creative and technological aspects.

In summary, your content marketing strategy and blogging serve an important role in your business.  Content marketing is a part of the larger scale plan and creates consumer awareness and demand by sharing useful information, while blogging allows you to showcase your company or brand’s personality.  Both creatively speak directly to the customer and are effective tools in growing your small business.  Let Tiny Giant help you develop and execute your content marketing strategy.

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