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7 Key Ingredients for a Successful Start-Up

Small Business Ingredients To Success
7 Key Ingredients for a Successful Start-Up

Obstacles for start-up companies in today’s digital world can be overwhelming.  New businesses struggle taking their business idea from conception to fruition.  Let us help you whip up a start-up success story with 7 key ingredients.

Begin creating a concise business plan or, at minimum, an executive summary to give direction and focus.  The idea does not need to be elaborate, but it should capture what your company is about, market niche, targeted customer and a vision of success and failure.  Keep in mind, many great business strategies begin on a napkin.  More than half of the customers we engage have not created a business plan, did not define what sets them apart from their competition nor have any idea who they are targeting.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, start early with your internet presence.  With a few keystrokes we utilize search engines to source products or services in seconds.  The absence of a website or social media presence creates missed business opportunities that could be captured by a target customer’s quick search.

Accounting software is a business necessity, and we use QuickBooks for our bookkeeping needs.  With the ability to create custom invoices, utilize online billing and payment processes, our bookkeeper is able to work remotely saving our company money and offering flexibility.  Having the ability to identify trends in spending and business expenses aid in strategic planning.

You have set up your accounting process, launched your website and established an internet presence, you have a business plan and understand your target customer base.  Next, develop a marketing plan.  At Tiny Giant Web Solutions, we trust in a well-proven marketing method that includes using SEO, click ads, social media and content marketing.  Our experience utilizing a diverse digital marketing strategy increases your customer reach and can be customized to fit any business or budget.

Hiring an agency to manage your online presence is what Tiny Giant considers the star ingredient in your recipe.  We offer analytics in our basic SEO package, because we believe in this so strongly.  The thought is, if our customer is unaware of what is happening online and not informed of issues then they are unable to make changes or correct an existing problem.

From your very first customer or project make sure to ask for consumer feedback.  New clientele engage in reviewing comments to help decide whether to buy your product or service.  Reviews help business owners understand what they are doing correctly and where improvements are needed.  Ultimately, customer reviews build credibility with existing and potential clients.

Extraordinary customer service is vital to every business.  In many instances, a customer service agent is the only personal contact a consumer will have with a business.  Excelling in this department allows you to stand out from your competition, builds trust with customers and fosters consumer loyalty.

As your company grows, be open-minded to tweaking your recipe or redefining your strategy for future success.  For a richer recipe, add a business coach to the mix.  This will keep you focused and accountable for your business goals and activities.  At Tiny Giant Web Solutions, we personally use Bob Keplinger with ActionCoach.  With his help, our business has grown at a much quicker pace than originally planned.  Consistently review the 7 key ingredients and make adjustments where necessary for growth and goal achievement.  If the ingredients are mixed properly you will enjoy a successful start-up and never work a day in your life!

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