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Social Media Impact on your Business

Social Media Impact on your Business

Social Media’s Impact on your Business

Startup and small business owners struggle with startup cost, cash flow, and limited resources.   With so much to accomplish, many times they neglect free services that can help broaden and bring confidence to their brand and services.

Traditional marketing and branding techniques can strain funds and cash flow.  Social media however is low cost and gives a more direct line to existing and potential clients.  However, it’s not totally free because what you save in money you will spend in time, in business we call that sweat equity.  With limited funds and time, it’s important to be smart and efficient with your efforts to achieve the desired results.

Organized Audience

targeted-marketAll social media channels are not the same.  I associate these channels such as an offensive line of an American football team.  Each player has a specific set of skills and strengths, but when used properly and in unison with a specific goal, they move the football into the end-zone.  Social media marketing can move traffic to your website, bring confidence to your services, and broaden your Brand name.

Understanding your targeted market is key to the success of any marketing strategy and social media is no different.  Start with demographics.  For a HVAC repair business most likely you will target homeowners in your geographical service area.  But this group needs to be broken down to more specific categories such as families with allergies that can use you UV light technologies, or families with older homes that need your schedule maintenance program.  Defining your specific audience in groups will help define your consistent communication.

Consistent Message

You cannot treat each social media platform as a stand-alone component because your overall success will be limited.  So everything needs to work together, just like an offensive line does on a consistency-is-keyfootball team.

Before we go too far, I must stress the importance of your website.  Your website is the storefront for your digital business.  Your website is important because it helps you establish credibility as a business.  All coordinated social media efforts must push people to your website where you engage and communicate your services.  An optimized website will also have specific pages setup to receive social media traffic designed for the marketed traffic.

Initiate Small and Focused

stay-smalStart with one or two social media platforms and become fluent with these before moving onto a new platform.  Facebook for example has a great tool that allows you to strategically launch posts at desired times.  Most of us have busy and slow days.  Utilize those slow periods to create staged posts that will launch on future dates.

Remember your targeted audience; their likes and dislikes and generate your message for those audiences.  The objective is to help your potential clients, your readers, by giving them a helpful tip that they can use and share with others that solve problems.  When you freely give helpful and relevant information, people will view you as an expert in your field.

Attention to Discussions

Conversations are occurring all over the social media platforms in real time.  Pay attention and listen to these conversations because they will present problems people are having that may trigger an opportunity for a marketing response.  Listening is an excellent tactic to monitor what people are saying about your brand or your competitor.  Engaging appropriately will help your brand grow and always remember to engage in those negative comments positively.  No business is perfect and not everyone can be satisfied.  Excepting that will enable you to respond positively to negative reviews and comments.  Failing to engage negative comments indicates you do not care which negatively impacts your brand.

Lift the Traffic

During upcoming slow periods or periods where business strategy changes, like the difference between spring and fall for a HVAC repair service, explore paid advertising as a means to boost an Ad or post.  This will bring more traffic and attention to their needs and how you offer solutions.  If your business is in a slow period, let Tiny Giant help your business grow with paid advertising.

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