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A Small Business Website Is The Fundamental Core Of An Online Presence

Small Business Website
A Small Business Website Is The Fundamental Core Of An Online Presence

A website is the fundamental core of an online presence and digital marketing strategy.  Over the years of working with small and startup businesses we’ve come across a series is common mistakes that owners make as they begin their entrepreneurship in regards to their internet presence.  To live in the Land of Tiny Giants, a startup small business needs to learn what their Giant competition is doing right and do it better and more often.

In an earlier post, we’ve identified how small businesses can compete with their online presence which should start with a great website.  This post, and the next three articles, identifies common mistakes we’ve come across with small businesses and their internet presence.

Why My Business Needs A Website?

First, a few facts.  A website introduces a business, providing an in-depth description of services and products.  It offers informational substance that is searchable online and is, ideally, available from any device with an internet connection.  The availability of the Internet on mobile and portable electronic devices increases the need for websites to be available on these devices. Thus, responsive websites are important for a business’s online presence on any device.

For small businesses, online presence is more than just having a website. It involves that as well of course, but it also involves referral links, social media presence, communication with customers and partners and much, much more.

Countless times we find small and startup businesses start with their business directories such as Yelp, Home Advisors, Yellow Page, and BBB before creating their website.  They also create their Facebook page before their website is built, causing a silo effect. This is a practice in which business listings and profiles do not refer to the businesses website, therefore creating small pockets of internet presence, all working independent of each other.  When not corrected, consumers become confused because normally there is not a clear message of the businesses detailed services on these directories.

So the first most common mistake is waiting to get a website.  The common response we hear is it cost too much and because of cash flow when starting their business, money is needed elsewhere to get the business started.  National statistics have not changed much over the years, 97 percent of consumers search for product and services online but only one in two small business have a website and the ones that do have a website, studies show that only 93 percent of those business website are not mobile friendly.

Waiting To Have Your Website Designed Delays Growth

Many small businesses are not investing in a website simply because they do not fully understand the opportunity.  Next month we talk more about this as well as the second most common mistake startup and small businesses make in developing their internet presence.  Until then, know that Tiny Giant Web Solutions caters to startup and small businesses.  We think of ourselves as Internet Presence Investment Counselors.  Just like your money investor, we develop personal relationships with our clients and help them grow their business through the internet.

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