About Randy LeJeune

Randy has been writing custom software for 16 years, specializing in tailored solutions for small businesses. Over the years, he’s seen small businesses sign up for bad services with negative solutions and witnessed businesses suffer from the lack of one-on-one problem solving skills when it comes to their company’s digital presence, ultimately costing the businesses thousands of dollars that end in hardship.

Becoming a Tiny Giant

How Small Businesses can Compete Your digital storefront or online presence is of great importance because it strengthens your companies brand and the services or products you offer. Once you have identified your targeted market and audience, describing why your service is better is paramount to your success. The generation today needs to know [...]

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SEO and Optimization Services

SEO and Optimization Services - Do I need SEO services? Just a few years ago, agencies would plug an array of keywords describing the businesses website in both meta tags, hidden text, anchor tags, back links, body content and repeated headings; those tactics just do not work anymore. In fact, these old tactics, now identified as “black [...]

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