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Six Strategies for Successfully Managing Positive Customer Reviews

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Six Strategies for Successfully Managing Positive Customer Reviews

A five-star rating just hit your review page.  Do not ignore it!  It is equally valuable to your business to respond to the positive comments as it is a negative review.  If a customer takes time to provide feedback you should always acknowledge the positive customer review and express thanks.  This affords the business owner an opportunity to form a relationship with the happy customer.  Acknowledging positive feedback is a great way to reinforce the optimism of your business for potential clients to see.  In conclusion of our customer review series, Tiny Giant is providing you with six strategies for responding to positive consumer feedback.

1-Be Authentic & Friendly

You are responding publicly and want to make the message personal and sincere.  Address the customer by name, and make a connection by responding to a specific comment the customer made in their review.  Your reply should be unique and make your customer feel special.  Avoid using a standard reply as consumers are savvy, and they know when a message appears insincere.

2-Express Gratitude

Someone took time to leave a positive review, which means they took time from their busy schedule.  Make sure to thank them for their time and let them know how appreciative you are for the glowing comments.  Showing appreciation creates repeat business.

3-Market Your Business in Your Response

Your response is public and will likely be read by prospective customers.  Take this opportunity to market your business and mention a new feature, promotion or sale in your reply.  Use your business name and keywords in your response in order to help the constructive feedback appear in search results.  Positive reviews affect search ranking, and replying properly can improve your SEO ranking of the review.

4-Share Positive Feedback Internally

Let the customer know you will share their comments with your team, and use this as an opportunity to praise your staff for a job well done.  Optimistic reviews have a positive impact on staff morale and improve customer service.

5-Create a Client Testimonials Page & Share Positive Feedback Externally

Reviews are important to prospective customers.  If you have great reviews, share them by creating a Client Testimonials Page on your website.  Link the testimonial page of your website to other social media sites like and Facebook and Twitter.  According to, the number of positive reviews you have on external websites might actually have a bigger impact on your rankings than the review on your own site.  Try showcasing testimonials in your sales literature, advertisements and business proposals too.

6-Encourage More Customer Reviews

People pay attention to online reviews to determine whether or not they want to do business with you.  Therefore, do not wait for reviews to come to you; ask your customers for feedback.  Make it easy for them to leave a review.  Consider adding a “Review Us” button on your website.

Learn from positive and negative consumer reviews.  Continue to improve on what you are doing right and use the negative reviews to create a better experience for customers.

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