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A Small Business Website Is The Fundamental Core Of An Online Presence Part 3

A Small Business Website Is The Fundamental Core Of An Online Presence Part 3

Small Business Website Misconception

In this series of articles we are talking about common mistakes that small businesses make as they begin their entrepreneurship in regards to their internet presence.

In the first article are talk about waiting to start your internet presence and in our last article we talk about DYI website platforms, along with the monthly leasings programs of your website and domain.  Now we going to touch on SEO, myth, and the misconception that if you build it they will come.

The Website Is A Reflection Of The Business

Why are small business owners not using every available tool to grow their business?  I know that when I’m looking for a service or product, like someone to repair my ac or a plumber to replace a hot water heater, the first place I look is online.  And if I find a business website that looks bad and outdated, then I move on. Seriously, from the service vehicle they drive, to the clothes they wear, these things are a representation of their quality of workmanship, and this includes their website.

Consumers will develop a preconceived idea of a business on how well they present themselves in public.  Have you ever follow behind a company’s vehicle that was driving reckless and what was your initial thought?  A business website is no different.  If you want to portray a positive impact in your community then your website must be relevant and fresh.  People do judge the book by it’s cover.

Online Requirements Do Change

One of the biggest problems with SMBs going online is that their management and ownership have not evolved at the same speed as the online requirements have and that they are making many mistakes that can be quite detrimental for their business.

SEO is more than just driving traffic to your website or positioning on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), it includes domain authority; reliability, and trust factors, as well.  Just because you have a website built and published does not necessarily mean people can find it.  Your website is the central hub of your online presence, but no one will see it if you don’t actively market your business online.

Domain authority is more than just trust and reliability. There are other factors that contribute to making your website an authority. If your website engages in a lot of social interactions and its contents are shared on social media, this can also contribute to making it an authority site.

Stay Relevant and Fresh

However, it is not enough to simply add content. You have to keep it fresh so visitors will keep coming back to your site. Just like the authority sites you are visiting, your website has to gain the trust of readers. It has to gain credibility as a website that users can rely on whenever they search for answers.  It should be as a book series written with new a book released, without the main character dying.

The key takeaway is that previous tactics of trying to outsmart the search engines are gone and will no longer work in today’s world.  The search engines are smarter and understand that consumer demographics are constantly changing with Generation Y and Generation X users, just Google “how different generations choose businesses”.  SEO should encompass relevant and fresh website material for today’s consumers.

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