Understanding Why Quality Website Content Matters – Part 2

In the first part of our blog series we explained why quality website content matters to your small business, and now we are going to offer guidance on creating content that produces customers.  Before you begin the process of developing your website content think about what makes your website unique and engages visitors.  Consider [...]

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Understanding Why Quality Website Content Matters – Part 1

So, do you think you have all your bases covered?  You have a strategic digital marketing plan in place, have incorporated paid advertising in your plan and your web designer is focused on SEO, but with all those moving parts you are still not generating leads.  You ask yourself, “What’s going on?”  Chances are [...]

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Guarantee Page 1 With Google?

Here is a subject near and dear to me, because as we attempt to educate our customers to the correct methods of SEO, we have a great deal of bad agencies making negative claims.   I receive calls every week from clients that advise me they were contacted by Google, a Google agent or [...]

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Effective Steps in Growing Your Small Business

A big challenge small companies face is growing their small business.  Finding new customers or promising leads may be difficult for micro businesses.  You are offering an excellent service or great product, but you are stifled with executing an effective plan to take your business up a notch.  How can you set yourself apart [...]

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Effective Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses – Part 3

Are Your Advertising Dollars Working for You? - Managing Your Internet Marketing for the Greatest ROI How do you know if your marketing strategy is working for you?  You must measure results.  By managing your marketing results you are able to modify your advertising strategy as your business changes.  As your company grows, it [...]

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Effective Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses – Part 2

Push and Pull Internet Marketing - Helping Your Advertising Budget Work Smarter In a previous article, we revealed that using push and pull marketing together can be an effective advertising strategy for your business.  Utilizing the strengths of both approaches is a valuable way to get the most bang for your advertising buck.  A [...]

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Effective Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses – Part 1

An effective marketing strategy and successful promotion of your business via the internet will expand your customer base while driving visitors to your website, ultimately building brand recognition.  Visits to your website help search engines identify traffic to keywords, which support building your brand.  When developing your company's marketing plan consider utilizing paid search [...]

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Why Customer Reviews are Important and How do you Get Them?

In order for small businesses to be successful today owners have to think outside of the box and assess what is important to the thriving accomplishment of their business. Obtaining customer reviews is an area where it may be necessary to forego the normal way you operate. Evaluating and considering how these reviews are [...]

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Social Media Impact on your Business

Social Media’s Impact on your Business Startup and small business owners struggle with startup cost, cash flow, and limited resources.   With so much to accomplish, many times they neglect free services that can help broaden and bring confidence to their brand and services. Traditional marketing and branding techniques can strain funds and cash flow.  [...]

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The Path to Internet Presence Growth

Consumers find Service Providers through the Internet Did you know that 97% of consumers today use the internet for searching services provided by local businesses? So it makes sense that if consumers are using the internet to search for your service, you should not only have a website but a website that can [...]

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